Product definition manual

Module 2 of 10 in the Product Development Process


The product definition activity follows the business approval of the product need confirmed gateway. As a result of this product definition activity further details the product description are produced and all technological obstacles to the delivery of the product are resolved. The key systems of the product are defined with their features, functions and attributes. A product costs model is developed to give the necessary project financial control. The remaining project activities are defined on a project timing plan.

This module of the product development process ensures the right product is developed.

This process manual defines how a business should start to break down the product into its major systems and assemblies. This easy to follow multi stage process gives step by step guidance on how to assign attributes to the major systems and rank each attribute thereby ensuring the product is well defined. The defined process provides all the necessary measurable outputs required to give the control demanded by project managers in any modern and competitive business. This idealised design process cannot replace the design engineers, it gives them a robust process to follow.

We can adapt this defined idealised process to suit your specific business needs if required. Please see our consultancy services to obtain a quotation.

We have one day on-site training courses available to explain how to apply this product development process to your business.

With over 40 pages this manual is written in English and is supplied in a tough 4 ring binder. This great product development module is available for immediate dispatch. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

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