Design For Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) training

On-line training for the powerful DFMA Product Development tool

Background of the DFMA tool

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) is the process of proactively designing products to optimise all the manufacturing functions and assure the best product performance. Parts are designed for ease of fabrication and commonality with other designs. DFMA encourages standardisation of parts, maximum use of purchased parts, modular design, and standard design features. Designers will save time and costs by not having to "re-invent the wheel". This tool is sometimes known as Design For Manufacture (DFM) and Design For Assembly (DFA).

The DFMA tool

The design stage is very important in product design. Most of the product lifecycle costs are committed at design stage. The product design is not just based on good design but it should be possible to produce by manufacturing as well. There’s no point having a good design if it is difficult, impossible or costly to produce.
The manufacturing of a part or a product must be considered as being part of the design of the part or product. It is not a separate entity that someone else deals with after the part or product has been designed. The DFMA tool is a structured process that encourages the design engineers to very seriously consider how their design will be manufactured. The DFMA process steps are:

  • The cost of re-work
  • Manufacturing problems both current and past
  • Number of parts
  • Modular designs
  • Standard components
  • Ease of manufacturing
  • Manufacturing capabilities
  • Mistake proofing (poka-yoke)
  • Parts orientation and handling
  • Automated production
  • Fasteners
  • Flexible parts and interconnections
  • Assembly direction
  • Adjustments and settings
  • Design tolerances

Applications of the DFMA tool

The DFMA tool can be used where any parts or products are being developed and is used extensively in the Automotive environment. Essentially the DFMA process should be applied in the development of any products where, efficient and effective manufacture and assembly is important. This could be in new product concepts or if the market is very competitive and a product advantage is needed.

The DFMA training course

This on-line DFMA training course starts with an overview of the DFMA tool and the DFMA process. The training course then guides the trainee through a step by step process of how to conduct the DFMA process throughout the product development cycle. Worked examples are given of an DFMA applied to product development. This training course is given in English and is designed to impart the capability to conduct the DFMA process. This DFMA training course comes complete with a free download of an DFMA template and the necessary charts. No prior knowledge is required or assumed and no special tools are needed.

This on-line DFMA training workshop is for anyone undertaking product development activities where efficient and effective manufacture is important. A DFMA excel template is provided.

Taking the DFMA training course

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