Project management training

On-line training for project management

Background of the project management methodology

A project is a one off activity that will never be exactly repeated, which has a defined start point and a defined end point. Project management is the process by which the project is planned, monitored and delivered. Thereby meeting the requirements of the desired outcome, usually in terms of time, cost and quality.

The project management methodology

This project management methodology describes an idealised product development process. It has been developed with the firm belief that good product quality can only be delivered through a robust and thorough product development process. This process takes a product centric viewpoint that builds quality into the product as it is developed.

A relatively high level process is described whereby a series of tasks are completed prior to a project gateway where the status of these tasks is formally reviewed, documented and approved by the business. When a gateway is approved the product delivery can move on to the next set of tasks and activities. However, if the requirements of the gateway are not met the project should be paused until those deliverables are completed to the desired standard.

The project management training course

This one day on-line training course explains how to successfully operate the project management process module which is based around the PRICE 2 methodology. The intent of this and all our training courses is not to tell or show the trainees what to do but to impart the capability to perform the required tasks.

This course is targeted at the product design engineers, the manufacturing engineers and the programme managers delivering new products. This training course is given in English. All our courses are designed to be informal and are based around a series of discussions and practical exercises.

Taking the project management training course

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