Customised process manual

We will adapt our process manuals to suit your business needs and ways of working

Our standard process manuals may not suit your business needs completely. It may be that you have an acceptable way of working which needs to be merged with our idealised process. We can adapt our existing process manuals to suit your needs.

Below is the list of activities we would expect to carry out in order to adapt one of our existing process manuals:

  • review the current process in operation (4 days)
  • rewrite our idealised process (5 days)
  • review of the updated process with the process users (2 days)
  • update the process as required (1 day)

The declared durations need not be consecutive days and the actual dates will be agreed with yourselves.


Review the current process in operation:
Once the scope has been agreed the current process will be mapped. We would come on-site where the product development process is taking place and use our tools and techniques to witness and map out the current processes and procedures.

Rewrite our idealised process:
With the actual process mapped we will then rewrite our relevant process manual taking into account the agreed aspects of the current process. We will do this while maintaining our idealised process requirements and measurables. A process manual of similar scope and size to our idealised process manual will be produced.

Review of the updated process with the users:
Once the customised process manual is written and at first draft level we will review the described process with the actual process operators. This will allow us to confirm the process is acceptable and give an opportunity for any minor updates.

Update the process as required:
With the comments form the actual process operators in place we will then update the process manual and release the document to yourselves. The copyright of this document will be owned by yourselves.

This unique consultancy service is only £8800.00 and is available for immediate booking. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

This great consultancy service is £8800.00 but can be purchased on-line with a 20% discount.
(Immediate payment is required for on-line purchases))



1 off adapted manual - £7040.00


Business expenses are charged at a fixed cost, agreed in advance. Hotels are from £130.00 per night including all meals and mileage is charged at £0.45 per mile. Once the order / payment has been received you will be contacted to arrange the client visit dates and confirm the cost of the expenses.


Alternatively contact us to discuss your requirements


If you are not sure if this consultancy service is for you then please contact us we may be able to help you.

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