Custom consultancy service

As much time as required with one of our trained consultants to troubleshoot product development process problems

The goal of this Custom consulting service is to clearly identify where your product development process needs improving. It is not necessarily the goal of this Custom consulting service to implement or carry out any significant training or re-engineering of the processes. With this service we will discover where the most cost effective improvements can be made. There are 3 distinct steps to the Custom consultancy service, these are:

  • pre-visit review (TBD days)
  • client visit (TBD days)
  • feedback or help for the client, at client site (TBD days)

The declared durations need not be consecutive days and the actual dates will be agreed with yourselves.


Pre-visit review:
Once the scope has been agreed the pre-visit review will be undertaken. In this review we will gain an understanding of the environment in which your business is operating. We will understand the in-market status, e.g. how well your business is respected by your customers, suppliers and competitors? We will understand your product line-up and your cost / quality status in the market.
All of this will be documented in a pre-visit report and taken on the client visit for review.

Client visit:
On site at your business we will walk the process or otherwise gain an understanding of the actual processes used in your product development process. If it is not documented we will do this visually and agree the actual process at an engineering and management level. Various analysis tools will be used to gain an understanding of the current situation.

Feedback or help for the client:
Once the actual process is known it can be compared to our idealised process. The deltas will be identified and prioritised. A document is then prepared detailing a remedial course of action for your business. This is focused around your requirements and capabilities. For large deltas this is further broken down into phases or stages. A suggested time-line is provided with each remedial activity.

This Custom consultancy service is an ideal way to establish the key failings in your product development processes. It forms the foundation from which improvements to the existing process can be implemented. This great Custom consultancy service is available for immediate booking. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

This great consultancy service is £TBD but can be purchased on-line with a 20% discount.
(Immediate payment is required for on-line purchases)



Custom consultancy service

Five days of consulting expertise to identify the problems in your product development process and develop the necessary solutions with you.

1 off fee - £TBD


Business expenses are charged at a fixed cost, agreed in advance. Hotels are from £130.00 per night including all meals and mileage is charged at £0.45 per mile. Once the order / payment has been received you will be contacted to arrange the client visit dates and confirm the cost of the expenses.


Alternatively contact us to discuss your requirements


If you are not sure if this consultancy service is for you then please contact us we may be able to help you.

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